Freshwater Flyfishing Adventures
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Winter Steelhead and River Coho Salmon (silvers):
We are offering guided steelheading on three different North Island Rivers, all supporting a healthy population of truly wild steelhead and large runs of coho salmon . Both winter runsteelhead and coho salmon are two of North Americas most sought after game fish. This is an incredible wilderness fishing experience for any level of angler. Mid September thru to early May.

Summer Run Steelhead:
A somewhat smaller species of steelhead (5-15 lbs.) that enter our island rivers in June and July and are available for anglers right through to November. Often fishing these Magnificent Steelhead in the warmer seasons allows us to pursue these aggressive fish with fly fishing equipment. The ultimate experience is taking one of these magnificent Vancouver Island steelhead on a dry fly.

Central Vancouver Island is a fly fishers paradise,where world famous rivers like the Cowichan and Stamp have drawn adventurous anglers for over a century. Island rivers support all five species of pacific salmon, wild and hatchery steelhead and resident trout. Coastal lakesare home to aggressive cutthroat, rainbow and dolly varden.

River Trout Fishing:

Spring and fall are the best times to fish island rivers. Insect activity anddownstream fry migrations in the spring awaken resident and sea run trout. Fishing can be hot! Some streams provide excellent dry fly fishing through out the month of June. In the fall trout key in on theabundant salmon eggs. Fishing with various egg patterns produces great results.

Lake Fishing:
We provide pontoon boats or a 10 ft inflatable enabling us access into the hard to reach locations. Imagine sharing a pristine lake with your fishing partnerand a pair of nesting bald eagles. Hiking into an alpine lake with a float tube and gourmet lunch is a day dreams are made of. Spring and fall is best. Winter cutthroat fly fishing is a challenging fishery for the adventurous. Island cutthroat can attain weights over 7 lbs.


  • Freshwater fishing. Max 2 guests. $550/day. $400/half day
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