Saltwater Flyfishing Adventures

Steve's passion is Saltwater flyfishing and Vancouver Island offers some of the world's finest. Our aggressive Pacific salmon are voracious feeders, often packing on pounds of weight in very short periods of time. Nothing compares with the exhilaration of pursuing these incredible fish with light, modern flyfishing equipment. The pristine waters of Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island's rugged west coast offer the ultimate in open water flyfishing and bucktailing. Enjoy the fast action of the surface trolled fly or cast amongst the vast expanse of kelp beds from the comfort and safety of our 24 ft. offshore sportfisher. Schools of feisty black sea bass are also targeted as they relentlessly pursue baitfish. We use only the finest fly fishing equipment supplied by Islander, Loop, Airflow or bring your own. We encourage any level of experience. Nootka Island Flyfishing season mid July to October.

Beach and estuary flyfishing for mature pink and Coho salmon may be the most exciting flyfishing you will ever experience. During the later summer and fall large schools of these fish cruise the protected shorelines searching for their home rivers. We visually "sight fish" from small boats or wade the crystal clear waters of Johnston and Georgia Straits in pursuit of these magnificent fish. Hooking a 12 lb. Coho on a #10 streamer and floating line is a thrill you wont forget; Coho do reach 20 lbs. in our waters. Beach and estuary season mid July to November.

All our packages include gear, instruction if requested and a selection of Steve's most productive flies. Please don't hesitate to drop us a line.


  • Saltwater Boat Flyfishing. Max 2 guests. $100/hr (5 hr min). $950/day (10 hours). $550/half day
  • Beach and Estuary Fishing. Max 2 guests. $550/day. $400/half day
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